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Vegan Pizza at Domino’s

The subject of pizza recently came up (somehow)* between us, and after bringing it up enough times, Kaylan finally decided to just order it for me. We had some work to do before she did though. Researching the ingredients for Domino’s Pizza options took some time. Let’s just say there’s very few options for vegans at Domino’s Pizza. But there are options!

We took the route of online ordering. I’m assuming that when ordering over the phone, they’ll ask the questions in the same order. To save you the time, I’ve listed out your options at each decision screen. Keep in mind, the list was compiled based off of Domino’s own ingredient list at the time of ordering.

When going through the ordering screens, you’ll be presented with options. I’ve taken care to include your options at each consecutive screen below:

  • Toppings: Go wild! Any topping that isn’t meat or cheese.

  • Dipping Sauces: Garlic Dipping Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Marinara, Kicker Hot Sauce, Sweet Mango Habanero

We went with a medium size, Crunchy Thin Crust, Tomato Sauce, every topping except Jalapenos, and Garlic Dipping Sauce.


Cost: $33!!!

Personally, I thought the pizza was delicious. Considering the pizza has no expensive meats or cheese, and only cheap veggies on it, the price is exorbitant. I’ve run in to many issues with vegan items, the same omnivore option sans meat and cheese, costing the exact same as the item with meat and cheese. This is one of the first times I’ve seen the price go up for it.

For me, the price alone is enough to keep me away for good.

*Because I wanted it-Kaylan

I love me some pizza! This pizza hit the spot as I haven’t had pizza in 6 months!

I think the main issue for me was the taste. And that was probably our fault for adding every single topping possible! Go big or go home right? I think it would be better if it had just a few favourite toppings. I’d probably go with onions, black olives, green peppers and maybe mushrooms next time. It was just too many flavours at once.

The Garlic Dipping Sauce was it’s saving grace. It’s vegan, even if it says “buttery,” there’s no animal product at all!

If you want pizza, go for it! Just maybe hold back on the toppings as the price was a bit much!



4 thoughts on “Vegan Pizza at Domino’s

  1. Domino’s has vegan pizza??!! I’m not in charge of ordering the pizza at my house and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to taste the vegan pizza unless I order it myself and I’m some place where it’s being served. Vegan pizza huh? I wonder if it was served at the White House when all those football players came there to eat, during the government shut down. It’s just a thought.

  2. I would take that $33 and eat elsewhere. I’ve never been a fan of Domino’s pizza. Even Pizza Hut has better tasting pizza. What about Dominos’ dough though? Is that vegan as well? I have a hard time believing that it is, but it’s 2019 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. If pizza is what you want, Daiya makes many frozen pizzas for cheap. 😀

    1. Domino’s regular pizza dough is not vegan. We had to go with their thin crust option, which is vegan. We’ve had Daiya pizza, but it just doesn’t hit the spot the same way! If it weren’t for the price I would still favor the Domino’s, but because of it there’s no way its feasible for anything other than a splurge. I’ve been considering trying to make my own from scratch. That would be a fun experiment.

  3. I do believe that certain pizza places have started to do some proper vegan choices where you can simply order straight from the menu. It might have been Pizza Hut over here in the UK. $33 does seem like quite a lot but that’s probably due to choosing your ingredients. That always ends up way too expensive compared to picking something from the menu

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