Also known as Kapusta kiszona duszona (stewed cabbage/sauerkraut), is a popular Polish dish that traditionally has pork. However, since pork is one cause of heart disease and cancer, we stay away from it. If you saw our pierogi blog, you know I’ve been trying to get more into my Polish heritage. So far, I love Polish… Read More Kapusta-Recipe


Protein UFO’s

“The heck is a protein UFO?” You ask yourself. It’s a delicious protein packed treat made by someone who is too busy to be bothered to make Pinterest perfect circular balls. I originally made these for the Littlest, but I ended up eating more than she did.   They’re insanely easy, so let’s get started.… Read More Protein UFO’s


Pierogi Ruskie-Recipe

We’ve been doing a lot of genealogy for the past year or two and it’s very interesting, to say the least. I already knew most of my heritage, but a lot of it is a surprise, which is great! My heritage includes Poland, which is something I wasn’t positive of. Needless to say, I/we (Papa… Read More Pierogi Ruskie-Recipe

Vegan Products

Chao Cheese

Hi, I’m Kaylan and I’m a cheese addict. Cheese was the one thing I thought I’d have to give up when I became a vegan. I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. Click here to get my cheese recipe. It’s great for nachos, macaroni, and chili cheese anything! My grocer doesn’t have too… Read More Chao Cheese