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Sugar Shack Donuts Vegan Options

After going vegan I was cut off from my normal supply of Dunkin’ Donuts, and even Krispy Kreme were off-limits, due to their continued use of egg and milk in their dough batter. I thought doughnuts were just going to be a void in my rotation of sweets from that point on. Then I found Sugar Shack.

For those that haven’t heard of it, Sugar Shack Donuts is a regional chain of doughnut shops located throughout Virginia, and more recently Washington D.C.

When I first started looking for vegan doughnut options in my area, I kept coming up short. Then I found a single article which vaguely referenced that “Almost All of the Doughnuts at Sugar Shack Are Now Vegan.” Almost wasn’t good enough so I kept digging. I found nothing else online so my next course of action was a stop in one of the local Sugar Shacks. Inside the staff were extremely helpful in breaking down why most of their doughnuts are now vegan:

Sugar Shack ingredients that are vegan include but are not limited to:

  • the batter (most important!)
  • the glaze
  • chocolate and vanilla frostings
  • most of the fruit glazes
  • Caramel icing

Yes, even the caramel icing! When I first inquired a few months back it was not vegan, but after getting a tip I called them up and they have indeed changed their recipe.

Sugar Shack ingredients that are absolutely not vegan:

  • bacon (obviously. Besides, I tried the Maple Bacon before going vegan and it wasn’t that great)
  • chocolate candy toppings
  • cake donuts

Obviously, ingredients are subject to change and it’s always helpful to double-check with the staff before purchasing. Nonetheless, I hope this is a helpful starting point the next time you make a vegan doughnut run.

For those local to the DMV, let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

For those not local to the DMV, we’d love for you to share your local vegan doughnut shop options below!


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  1. That’s amazing and I’m glad that there is an option for vegans (even if it is only one doughnut store that offers it). The idea of being permanently cut off from eating some great tasting and looking doughnuts would have been tough for anyone.

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