Protein UFO’s

“The heck is a protein UFO?” You ask yourself.

It’s a delicious protein packed treat made by someone who is too busy to be bothered to make Pinterest perfect circular balls.

I originally made these for the Littlest, but I ended up eating more than she did.


They’re insanely easy, so let’s get started. I don’t have exact numbers, and that’s because it’s going to change depending on how many UFO’s you want to make. They hold up well in the fridge, which is a wonderful bonus.


You’re going to need a nut butter, that’s the base. We used Nature’s Promise Sunbutter because Beastie is allergic to Peanuts. It works perfectly!

Protein UFOS

And to thicken it you’ll need oats or a sweet flour. Because of Beastie’s allergies, we stay away from oats too (Yep, there’s a lot of substitutions we have to make to accommodate the tiniest little human).

I used coconut flour, and it gave it a very very slight coconut taste. You’ll want to add your flour or oats until the mixture pulls away from the bowl cleanly.

Protein UFOS


You can choose to sweeten it as well as choose to add in extras, or not. They’re fully customizable!


This time I added flax seeds, hemp seeds, powdered sugar, and a powdered probiotic.

Protein UFOS

Other sweeteners you could use would be:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Dates
  • Agave
  • Honey (depending on your preferences)
  • Brown Sugar
  • Castor Sugar

Really whatever you’d like to sweeten with.

Other things you could add in:

  • Any type of nut or seed
  • Raisins, Apricots, or other dried fruits
  • Dried veggie or fruit powders

Protein UFOS


Let us know if you try this recipe! Comment below and share the recipe with your friends, see how they like it!
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Protein UFOS



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