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Misfit Market Fail

You read that right, Misfit Market is a fail in our opinion and I’m going to tell you why.

First a bit of a preface. Misfit Market, markets themselves as a subscription box for produce. This produce is said to be “ugly” produce that isn’t perfect for the supermarket. We all know Americans like seeing the brightly coloured, evenly shaped, similarly sized food lining the shelves. We go as far  as dyeing foods and adding wax to protect the colour.

When I saw Misfit Market’s ad on Facebook, I definitely wanted to try it out! I’m not one that needs perfectly shaped or coloured food to want to eat it–neither of us are. We just like food.

The price was pretty good too. We got the biggest box which was supposed to be 18-20 pounds of food to feed 5 people for a week. And let me just say the picture of this box doesn’t really fit with their branding as everything in the picture is perfectly sized, shaped, and coloured.

Misfit Market


We were so excited to get the box. Tons of organic produce for a great price, delivered right to our door.

End the excitement right there.

Let’s get to the truth.

This box is horrendous.

I was expecting ugly food. I was excited for ugly food. What we got was nowhere near “Misfit.” It was rotten.

I don’t mean rotten in a figurative sense. I mean, they sent us literal rotten food.

I don’t know if it was 18-20 lbs, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t, but that’s not as important as the quality in my opinion.

misfit market

I opened the box and the first thing on top was lettuce–If you can call it that. It was slimy, gooey greens. These slimy greens covered everything in the box as you’ll see in other photos.

Slimy greens

Next up was a container, this container and every other container in the box were smashed beyond belief. And this time, It wasn’t the fault of the shipping service. As you can tell from my picture of the box, the outer box is perfectly fine. No dents or damage at all. I would like to add that, they included two ice packs, which were melted and warm when I opened the box. I’ve had produce and food in general delivered before and the ice packs have never been melted or warm.

Next up tomatoes.


The box is smashed and covered in goo, but the tomatoes weren’t too bad! Don’t get your hopes up.

Next was some spinach. Again, I would have been okay with ugly food. This is not ugly, it’s just bad. The spinach was yellow, which means it was picked yellow aka it was picked when it was dying. It was also slimey.

Yellow Spinach

Another smashed and slimey container, this time of salad greens like arugula. It looked like there were only a few slimey pieces so I thought, “I’ll just pull those out and we can eat the rest.” Mind you I’m still hopeful at this point, I’m not angry with the box yet, It could still redeem itself.
Then I went to pull the greens out and it was all mush. Disgusting rotten mush.

No picture of the mush, I was disgusted.

You might be thinking, “wow I can see why you hate the box.”
OK, but even after touching slimey mushy goo I. still. had. hope.

I should have junked it right there.

Let’s move on.

There was a huge leek in the box. A little worse for wear, BUT this was what I was expecting. Totally good, safe to eat, produce that just looked ugly. I washed it, took off the outer layer and used it in spaghetti.

I thought, “Yay! great, we’re turning around for the better now!”



Another smashed container with disgusting green slime.

Let me just add, I’m not mad about the slime being everywhere. It’s annoying, but I can wash it off of good produce and eat the food. Notice how I italicized “good?” That’s because the item in this box is the very exact opposite of “good” and the reason I will never ever buy from Misfit Market again and why I will forever warn people about Misfit Market and beg them to spend their money at a local farmers market instead.

Enter, the peaches.


That’s what we were sent. This is what we paid for. *Insert sarcastic slow clap.*

Let me just say, the amount of mold on these peaches…They didn’t just happen to go moldy in transit. Oh no. These peaches were sent moldy. They all had varying degrees of mold and decay. It was utterly disgusting. I was appalled by the state of this box, and especially the peaches.

I was appalled so much so that I called Papa ChickPea at work (which I literally never do unless it’s an emergency), to tell him how disgusting it was and to cancel the subscription immediately (to my delight, he had chosen to do a one time delivery).

We’ve left the territory of “ugly produce” and have entered the land of, “we’ll send you moldy and rotten food that could very well make you very sick. Thanks for the money.”

Next up, cauliflower. Let me spoil the surprise for you, no pun intended. Moldy cauliflower.

And here’s some slime covering a bag of squash. The squash was fine, we baked it in some oil and had it with the spaghetti.

We also got a head of cabbage and an eggplant, both of which were fine. I battered and baked the eggplant for eggplant parm and tried my hand at making homemade sauerkraut with the cabbage.  Along with that we got three pears, all of which were totally fine. Baby ChickPea got one and Papa and I got the other two (Baked them with honey, cinnamon and walnuts. Add some icecream and you have a delicious dessert).

The last thing we got was two bell peppers, one of which was moldy as you can see.

Here is everything we got:

Out of the entire box, we kept 6 items. Let me rephrase that, out of EIGHTEEN TO TWENTY POUNDS OF FOOD we kept 6 items.

And this is what went into our compost pile:

Do I recommend it? No, 0/10 recommend. You’d have better luck going to a grocery store and going through their trash. Seriously.

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money.

Go to a local farmers market and give a small farmer your support. Misfit Market needs a serious rebrand and someone new to pick and send their food, because whoever is doing it now needs to be fired. They’re wasting people’s money and sending them literally rotten food.


9 thoughts on “Misfit Market Fail

  1. It’s a real shame that you didn’t have a good experience with the company. You would think they would take special care of the package and try to deliver a great service especially to a first time customer such as yourself. By not doing so, they have lose your business and other potential people who read this.

    1. They sent us a second box and it wasn’t much better. We plan on avoiding the company from now on, and encourage others to be hesitant.

  2. Same received my first box today I bought 2 big boxes on accident. Everything was bad moldy smelly and mushy. Nothing was just I perfectly shaped it was bad food. 75 dollars thrown over the fence I’m not even sure if the deer would eat. The packaging of the produce is terrible my own box was wide open and only 1 ice pack in each box which was warm and melted! Waste of my money and time emailing and stressing about a refund. Terrible experience they lost my business!

    1. Sad to hear that Marissa! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We were actually thinking about trying it again since it has been a while and maybe they’ve fixed their issues. Seems not to be the case.

  3. Our first box last week was totally perfect but this second box today was 1/3 moldy & had to be thrown out. I’m so disappointed b/c I wanted this work. I think I will try one more box depending on what customer support does & see how it goes. Only b/c I so so so want this help delay time between our regular grocery store. Or I would just be done after today’s box b/c like you, I don’t feel like these items all molded in transit. I’m positive the fruit was already moldy + inner packaging was not well done so they got even more smashed. 🙁

    FYI – you are the first place that comes up when you search “misfit markets mold”.

    1. Hate to hear that Ally. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I would love to hear how the next box goes if you do order again. Being able to delay the time between going to the grocery store was a big motivator in us considering trying it again during the pandemic, but it seems their issues persist even now.

      Thanks for letting us know about the page ranking! I think most people are only sharing positive experiences as they’re trying to benefit from Misfit Market’s referral program. We’re not going to recommend anything we don’t use ourselves or have had positive experiences with.

  4. It was my first time ordering as well and I had a similar experience, we have one more order coming but we are definitely cancelling because I’m not willing to take a gamble each time. It’s definitely ugly food but not edible food and that’s the problem. Most of my order was moldy and after cutting the mold off of one item and eating it, my mouth started tingling and my stomach began to hurt and I couldn’t get the numbness out of my mouth for about an hour– absolutely not worth the risk!!!

    1. We WANTED ugly food! What better way to reduce food waste? They’re just taking it too far and sending BAD food. I hate to hear you’ve had a bad experience as well. Thanks for sharing your story with us Ivy!

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