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Born and raised in the Deep South, spending 29 years enjoying barbecue and burgers, I’m the last person you would expect to go vegan on their own volition. Hello, I’m Devin, and I’m a recovering omnivore.

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and over time I developed a desire for conservation of what’s left of our planet’s natural wonders. I stumbled upon Cowspiracy in 2015 and quickly went on a viewing binge of documentaries promoting a whole food, plant-based diet for the good of the environment, the well-being of animals, and for your health. The benefits to conservation stuck out to me and I set out eliminating meat from my diet and limiting dairy products. I undertook this venture on my own, not involving my wife or those around me, and ultimately, I fell back to my old ways after a few months.

Fast forward to the end of 2017 and the birth of little Chickpea. After some dairy intolerance issues surfaced, my wife Kaylan went on the same documentary viewing binge I did and came away with the same mindset I had back in 2015. This time though, we were both committed to making it happen. I can happily say, we’ve both been vegan for 6 months now and counting.

It’s a great time to be a vegan and there is a lot of information on the internet to help those along. In our journey, we’ve still discovered some things where there isn’t enough or even any information at all. We started this blog in attempts to document what we found out along the way, through trial and error, or just research. I really do hope it helps others along their own journey, whether that’s being fully vegan or just wanting to make an effort in reducing their impact on the world or bettering their own health.

Raised in Alabama, I spent 9 years in the United States Marine Corps immediately following high school. I now work a typical 40-hour per week job and spend my evenings and weekends helping raise little Chickpea, playing in a recreational soccer league, and gardening. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m also a fan of the Oxford Comma. I’m the technical mind behind this blog, so blame any bugs on me. I’m really just a normal guy, here to prove that veganism can be a normal part of anyone’s life.

Papa Chickpea
Papa ChickPea

Mama ChickPea

I’m Kaylan, the creative mind behind the majority of this blog!
I’ve been vegan for 6 months now, so just a little baby vegan.
A little background on my personal journey as well as where I come from!
Born and raised in Georgia (hey y’all), meat and butter are necessities and the most important food groups in the south! In high school I attempted being vegetarian (I don’t think veganism was a thing, or at least didn’t have as much notice as it does now). I wanted to be vegetarian because I love animals and didn’t like hurting them.
However, that didn’t last long. If I’m completely honest, I love animals, but I love the taste of butter and cheese and chicken and steak! Even still there are times where I could go for some Chick Fil A chicken nuggets! My love for animals couldn’t overpower my love of food (and I love food)!
Fast forward to now. Why did I decide to go vegan? And why am I sticking to it when I couldn’t before?
I decided to go vegan for health reasons. I wasn’t unhealthy, but after researching more and seeing how deadly animal product was I had to change. Both of my parents died of Cancer, and I want to be around for my little chickpea, so I’m doing what I can health wise to ensure I am.
That’s why it’ll stick too. I can’t rightly eat animal product now knowing how terrible it is for my health.

An added bonus to being vegan for my health is that, that means I’m saving the animals I love so much as well as saving the environment!

I have a ton of hobbies! I love trying new things! I love art. Painting and drawing portraits is my favourite. I love gardening as well. I grow flowers and herbs. I’m a competitive dancer as well, I’ve been dancing since I was a kid and only recently started dancing competitively. Finally, my day time job (other than a mama) is make up. I do everything from simple looks to glam to full blow stage make up and special effects!

No one is perfect, no one journey is perfect or absolutely the “right way.” Everyone lives their lives the best way they know how. We don’t judge others based off of their eating or lifestyle habits and we appreciate the same respect. We might practice veganism differently than you and that’s okay!

And for those curious if the littlest chickpea is vegan, yes she is!

Mama ChickPea
Mama ChickPea


Three ChickPeas
Three ChickPeas

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