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Innovia Probiotic Shots Review

If you’re a human being you should totally be taking a probiotic daily! Most of us don’t (myself included).

Let’s chat about why probiotics are so important and then we’ll move on to the review.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that keep your gut biome healthy and thus keep you healthy. How in the world does your tummy affect your immune system? You might be surprised to know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut and 80% of plasma cells (IgA) are in your gut.

Cool. What the heck is IgA? It’s a beautifully wonderful antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes. IgA is your first line of defense, so if your gut isn’t healthy–your immunity is going to be horrible.

We need to take better care of our gut bacteria, it’s basically what keeps us super healthy (along with proper diet and adequate hygiene aka handwashing). So what hurts our little bacteria babies? Not surprisingly, quite a few things that I’m sure all of us do or have done.

Stress, alcohol, bad diet like sugars and processed foods, lack of exercise, not feeding them like the little sea monkeys they are (aka eating prebiotics), and one of the worst: antibiotic use.

This isn’t an argument about whether or not you should take medicines. There are many times that antibiotics are necessary, and a lot of times there aren’t. Here is my encouragement to do some research to determine what should actually be treated with antibiotics. In the US we’re overusing them unfortunately.

What I do want to say is that this isn’t a personal opinion, antibiotic literally means anti life (“anti” english, “biotic” from bios> biotikos giving us antibiotic). It kills all, even the good fellas. This is why it is SO important to take a probiotic when you’re taking antibiotics (not at the same time though otherwise the abx negates the probiotics).

Another fun fact about antibiotics and bacteria: 6 months after taking abx research shows that the gut is still missing NINE bacteria species and some species could be permanently eradicated. So it can take months if not longer for your gut bacteria to restore to its pre-abx ways–if it ever does!

Furthermore, babies born via c-section are born with inadequate and unbalanced colonization. Vaginally born babies are introduced to flora via the birth canal and vagina. Continuing, breastfeeding can help restore the gut bacteria, but the real truth is that only 14.8% of families breastfeeding exclusively. (Another disclaimer that this is not to shame one birth journey over another, just giving facts. Facts are not attacks 😉 )

Gut health also affects immune disorders, topical issues like eczema, and again your overall well being.

Have I convinced you that probiotics are necessary?

How do we keep our tummies healthy??

-A whole food plant based diet is probably the best thing you can do for your health! A wide range of foods is essential to a healthy tummy! Put good in, get good out!
-Cut out the alcohol, you don’t need it, it’s so extremely bad for you, and it doesn’t even taste good (hello, have you had a nice hot tea? Fresh lemonade, ice cold water? THOSE are delicious).
-Lower your stress (Says the lady who always finds a reason to be stressed)
-Get sleep and exercise
-Cut out the abx when unnecessary!

Now the review.

We usually use the capsule form of probiotics, but I saw this at the store and decided to give it a try!

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of capsules (which is why I end up not taking them daily), and usually a liquid is a great vehicle for probiotics or vitamins!


I will start off by saying it’s a little pricey. I didn’t realize what I was getting either, probably should have read the box more closely. I honestly thought it was one big bottle and you got a shot of it daily. It’s actually 12 individual shots. It was about $26. Sometimes quality probiotics are on the more pricey side, which I’m okay with, but because there are only 12 days worth of probiotics for $26 I probably won’t get it again.


It’s mago flavoured, which I usually like mango, but this just wasn’t it. As the kids say it just didn’t hit the way I expected it to (lord I’m old). It was not a delight to take, and it was such a tiny amount in the container that for just over $2 was not worth it.


I also wasn’t a fan of the extra ingredients in it, but being a liquid I’m sure they were somewhat necessary. Surprisingly a lot of probiotics have added ingredients and being a food allergy family is super frustrating.



With all of this said, and my lecture about probiotics, here’s my summary.

Should you take probiotics? Yes, absolutely 100% yes!

Should you buy these? Nah, probably not. There are other amazing options that are more cost friendly and don’t have horrible tastes. I also recommend getting your kiddos on a quality probiotic!



Feed those like bacterias!


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