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Clearing Up a Yeast Rash

On May 21st Baby ChickPea developed a yeast rash. We went about two weeks assuming it was heat rash or eczema (ftp here, no judgment). I finally took her to her wonderful pediatrician and he prescribed Nystatin which is a very common anti-fungal medicine prescribed for yeast rash.
Two tubes of Nystatin and 4 weeks later not only was it not going away fully, it was spreading.
It started out as a very small (smaller than a quarter) spot above her lady area, and spread down and to her tush. It later started spreading slightly up her torso (like bellybutton height).
Our insurance wouldn’t approve of anymore Nystatin until the end on the month, and it was $51 out of pocket for one tube. No thanks.


I really like using natural products over pharmaceuticals if I’m honest. It’s my baby though, I wanted the rash to heal quickly and assumed something prescribed by a doctor would work wonders (not slamming doctors at all). It obviously didn’t.

I’m pretty knowledgeable about herbs and their medicinal uses, but I didn’t know much about what herbs are anti-fungal, so to the google I went!

I’m not one of those crunchy moms that’s obsessed with coconut oil. I’m just not. It’s okay in my mind. However, surprise surprise, it’s an anti-fungal, I never would have thought it was and certainly didn’t think it’d work. But I was out of Nystatin and needed to try something.

The next day I let her air out almost all day if not all day. Every chance I got I’d pour on some Fractionated Coconut Oil (it’s all I had on hand, I’m not sure if regular ole coconut oil would work the same. I’m sure it would). That night you could see a small difference. The rash wasn’t as red, it was still bad looking, but wasn’t terrible! The coconut oil seemed to be working!

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Fractionated Coconut Oil

The next day I received Mother Love Diaper Balm. It had been suggested from another crunchy mom and I thought why not! I have no other options.

(Note: ML Diaper Balm uses beeswax, but is certified cruelty free. Decide for yourself if it’s right for you)

The Diaper Balm is made with some awesome herbs and resins: Oregon Grape Root, Myrrh Gum, Yarrow Herb and Calendula Flower. These are anti-fungal and/or anti inflammatory.

Mother Love Diaper Balm
Mother Love Diaper Balm

The day I received it I let her air out all day and just used the Diaper Balm. Every time I noticed it dried, I put more on her.
It was a method of: lather, dry, repeat

By the next day her rash looked amazing!
The redness was significantly less, the spreading was no more, and the bumps were smaller and fewer!

I’ve been using the Diaper Balm for three days now and in three days the Diaper Balm has done what the Nystatin couldn’t do in a month!

We still have some spots to contend with, but I’m so beyond pleased with how it looks!

I even took her to her pediatrician a day ago to try and get more Nystatin (why? I don’t know), he even said it looked really great!

So here’s what I suggest for mamas or papas who’s baby has a yeast rash… obviously go to the doctor and make sure it’s a yeast rash.

Second, go ahead and buy a few containers of ML Diaper Balm! The great thing(s) about the Balm is
-it’s cheaper than out of pocket Nystatin
-it’s natural
-it’s okay to use with cloth diapers
-it freaking works!
-it can be applied to mamas nipples if she has yeast there. No need to remove before nursing, it’s okay for baby to have in their mouth (which is great because it was a hassle trying to keep curious baby hands out of Nystatin!)
-it can be used after the rash clears as prevention for further rash developments
-you can use it yourself for yeast, cracked nipples, or lips!
-did I mention it works!

Third, keep baby out of a diaper for as long as possible! Lately ChickPea has been naked all day except for at night or if we’re leaving the house.
“What about peeing and pooping?”

We simply keep a towel under her to catch any pee or poop. The good thing about this is you’ll learn your babies potty cues. Every kid has a cue when they’re peeing or pooping. Baby ChickPea makes a weird grunting sound (even for pee). I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when she’s peeing or needing to poop.
This is even better because, if you wanted, you could start potty training your kiddo based off of these cues. I’d love to, but just haven’t.

Basically, go to the dr, but the Mother Love Diaper Balm, keep a Diaper off of baby!

This post is not sponsored (although if MLH ever wanted to work together, we’d be honoured), I’m just shocked by the amazing results we’ve gotten!

I 100% will continue to buy this Diaper Balm. Here’s a direct link to the Diaper Balm to save time for yourself!


3 thoughts on “Clearing Up a Yeast Rash

  1. My family and I have tried all of the above for my 2 year old niece. She has suffered from rashes. eczema, etc. since she was born. She scratches herself till she hits blood so of course we want to figure out how to fix this. Nothing seems to be working for her though. The latest things we’ve bought for her is a honey based cream. She hates it and it helps but nothing significant. The thing that seems to work best is 100% aloe vera. Have you tried it?

    1. Yeast and eczema are two different things, though both do usually show up because of bad gut health. My biggest piece of advice would be to work on her gut health. Which is easy enough to do, though might take some time depending on the health of it now.
      Cutting out dairy, sugars, and processed foods and starting her on whole foods will be incredibly beneficial to her, but also starting her on a high quality probiotic, one preferably with billions and billions of cultures. Klaire labs has a good refrigerated one.
      Eczema is almost always a sign of gut health, so I’d definitely work on that. It’s also sometimes a sign of a food intolerance, so perhaps seeing a pediatric allergist might be beneficial as well.

      Good luck!

  2. My wife and I are in the same boat in regards to keeping things natural. We’d probably actually try and find a natural remedy over something the pediatrician recommended most days. We’ve gone the natural path with other health issues like depression.

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