Gimbap (Sushi Roll)

김밮 or gimbap or a type of sushi roll. Another Korean recipe that we’ve been eating A TON of here in the chickpea household. We enjoyed sushi as omnis (though I, mama chickpea, could never eat raw fish), and though there are vegan options for sushi at restaurants it’s expensive. So we’ve been making it… Read More Gimbap (Sushi Roll)


Rice Paper Bacon

My favourite food is breakfast. Mainly savoury breakfasts! Bacon and eggs, grits, biscuits and gravy breakfast sandwiches, all of it! Since going vegan I haven’t been able to eat those yummy foods. Yeah yeah, I know “Kaylan eat tofu scrambles!” Nah man, it’s not the same and I’m not the biggest fan of tofu. I have… Read More Rice Paper Bacon

Baby Products

Clearing Up a Yeast Rash

On May 21st Baby ChickPea developed a yeast rash. We went about two weeks assuming it was heat rash or eczema (ftp here, no judgment). I finally took her to her wonderful pediatrician and he prescribed Nystatin which is a very common anti-fungal medicine prescribed for yeast rash. Two tubes of Nystatin and 4 weeks… Read More Clearing Up a Yeast Rash

Vegan Products

Chao Cheese

Hi, I’m Kaylan and I’m a cheese addict. Cheese was the one thing I thought I’d have to give up when I became a vegan. I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. Click here to get my cheese recipe. It’s great for nachos, macaroni, and chili cheese anything! My grocer doesn’t have too… Read More Chao Cheese



Papa ChickPea Born and raised in the Deep South, spending 29 years enjoying barbecue and burgers, I’m the last person you would expect to go vegan on their own volition. Hello, I’m Devin, and I’m a recovering omnivore. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and over time I developed a desire for conservation of what’s left… Read More Introductions