Overnight Oats

After making the shift to full-time vegan, I had been looking for something quick, easy, and nutritious to take to work for lunch for sometime. I needed something that didn’t need refrigeration, heating, or long preparation times. I found overnight oats. The recipes that were readily available always included milk and yogurt, which was not… Read More Overnight Oats

Vegan Products

Silk Protein Nutmilk

Long before I had even known of the concept of veganism, I did not like the taste of milk. Even the ‘freshest’ milk always had a sort of sour taste. I just couldn’t understand how people drank milk for the taste. Being a normal part of southern life, unfortunately, I still consumed my fair share.… Read More Silk Protein Nutmilk

Dining Out

Vegan Pizza at Domino’s

The subject of pizza recently came up (somehow)* between us, and after bringing it up enough times, Kaylan finally decided to just order it for me. We had some work to do before she did though. Researching the ingredients for Domino’s Pizza options took some time. Let’s just say there’s very few options for vegans at… Read More Vegan Pizza at Domino’s



Papa ChickPea Born and raised in the Deep South, spending 29 years enjoying barbecue and burgers, I’m the last person you would expect to go vegan on their own volition. Hello, I’m Devin, and I’m a recovering omnivore. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and over time I developed a desire for conservation of what’s left… Read More Introductions